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Power Blackout


Life without electricity today is today unthinkable. You can be in a great panic when dealing with a power blackout. If you have a failure in your fuse box, you must ask a qualified and experienced electrician to repair it. Our electricians can come and check without fee charge and to check the RCD.


Power Blackouts

Power failures usually occur at an unexpected time. You are in the dark, with out any devices working properly and you need help. A power failure is not only annoying, but it can also be dangerous. If a cable melts it can cause a fire easily. In this difficult situation, an electrician from our group can help you. A power failure can have several causes. Call the National Fault number (Landelijk Storingsnummer) (0800-9009) to help you with more details. However, it may also be that there is only a power failure at home by the failure of the circuit breaker for example following afailure in one of your devices. If this is the case, it is best to contact us immediately. We will send someone right away at your place. Working with electricity is dangerous and we recommend you should not touch anything.


Short circuit

Short circuit comes from a device that is not working properly, or it requires too much power. If it is clear which device provides short circuit, be sure to unplug the unit from the wall outlet and not to use the short circuit causing device. In some cases it may be that it is not entirely clear which device is causing the short circuit. Call us immediately and we will send someone your way. Our electricians are authorized to open your fuse box and expertly repair a possible short circuit. Since 1975, it is mandatory to have a circuit breaker in your home in order to prevent fire.  It is therefore important that your GFCI is working properly.