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We are a group of professional electricians in the Netherlands with many years of experience in this field. Our main goal in The MoMiloElektro  is to have a clear and friendly communication with the customers. 

Do you have a new project and you are looking for an electrician, or more, to enter electricity in one or more houses then you can contact The MoMiloElektro. We are a big group of electricians, which each one of them has many years of experience. Even if your project is too large for us to handle, we have partner companies to cooperate with.

Life without electricity today is today unthinkable. You can be in a great panic when dealing with a power blackout. If you have a failure in your fuse box, you must ask a qualified and experienced electrician to repair it. Our electricians can come and check without fee charge and to check the RCD.

The house lighting is often installed to create a nice atmosphere. The commercial lighting should is created to be practical. The self-installation of the lights is dangerous and if you have no experience with this, we recommend that you do not have to. 

For your safety and the safety of others, it is important that your distribution board is installed properly and that it functions properly. It is therefore wise to choose a distribution board that fits your power consumption. 

We also recommend that you need to have it maintained regularly. Our electricians can serve you if you want to install, connect, extend, replace or check a distribution box.

Working with electricity is dangerous. Therefore always let an experienced electrician to take over the problem you are dealing with. A true professional knows exactly how, for example a group box is put together and can skillfully safely, securely and quickly install, adjust or replace it. Also, you should never open a sealed cabinet group itself. This has to be performed by an authorized and skilled electrician.

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